Asbaab al-Nuzool Article Index

This page is dedicated to collecting all articles related to Asbaab al-Nuzool – “the reasons for revelation”:

Sabab al-Nuzool – its Definition and Wordings: Sheikh Muhammad Bazmool

The Proper Place of Asbaab al-Nuzool in Understanding the Qur’an: Imam al-Sa’di

The Place of Asbab al-Nuzool in Understanding an Ayah: Sheikh ‘Abdullah al-Awaaji

What to do when Multiple “Reasons for Revelation” are Mentioned for the Same Ayah?: al-Suyooti

An Example of Reconciling Multiple Reports on the Reasons for Revelation: al-Suyooti

Technical wordings for Asbaab al-Nuzool: Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

Parts of the Qur’an that were Revealed Multiple Times: al-Suyooti

Sabab al-Nuzool Study: “And Do Not Wish for …”

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