Assorted Qur’an Benefits #14

What follows is a collection of benefits originally posted on our Facebook page during July 2016:

The Reminder Benefits the Believers

In part of his tafsir of surah al-Ghaashiyah, sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen mentioned the following admonition:

ونقول إذا رأيت قلبك لا يتذكر بذكرى فاتهمه ؛ لأن الله يقول : {فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ} [الذاريات ٥٥] ، فإذا ذُكرت ولم تجد من قلبك تأثرا وانتفاعا فاتمم نفسك ، واعلم أن فيك نقص إيمان ؛ لأن لو كان إيمانك كاملا لانتفعت بالذكرى ؛ لأن الذكرى لابد أن تنفع المؤمنين . ـ

And we say: if you observe that your heart is not reminded by a reminder then be concerned, for Allah says,

فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

indeed, the reminder benefits the believers [51:55]

So if it is reminded and you do not find your heart being affected or benefiting, then be concerned for yourself and know that you have some deficiency of eemaan. For if your eemaan were complete then you would have benefited from the reminder, because a reminder will certainly benefit the believers.”

[al-Tafseer al-Thameen l’il-‘Alaamah al-‘Uthaymeen 14/470]

Your Lord is Almighty, Merciful

Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sa’di made the following incisive point in his work on the principles of Tafsir: Continue reading