The Wisdom in Reciting Surah al-‘Aalaa and al-Ghaashiyah in the Friday Prayer: Sheikh al-Fawzan

In his response to a question posed about surah al-‘Aalaa [87], sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan mentioned the following point of benefit:

شرع الله قِرَاءة (سَبِّحْ اسْمَ رَبِّكَ الأَعْلَى) و(هَلْ أَتَاكَ حَدِيثُ الْغَاشِيَةِ) في صلاة الجُمعة لأن في هاتين السورتين تذكيرًا للناس، وتنبيهًا للناس على ما أمامهم من الحِسابِ والجزاءِ والبعثِ والنُشور، ليستعدوا لذلك ولا يَنْسَاقوا مع الحياة الدُنيا وإنما ينتبهُون لآخرتهم ويستعدون لما أمامهم من الدار الباقية وعدم الانشغال بالدار الفانية وهذا مِن فضل الله علينا وعلى الناس أن الله يُنبِهُنا بما فيهِ خيرنا وصلاحنا وينهانا عما يضرنا هذا من رحمتهِ بنا وإحسانه إلينا فلهُ الحمد والمِنة وَصَلَّى الله وَسَلَمَ عَلَى نَبِينَا مُحَمد وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ أَجْمَعِين .ـ

Allah legislated reciting surah al-‘Aalaa [87] along with surah al-Ghaashiyah [88] in the Friday prayer because these two surahs contain a reminder for the people and alert them to what lies ahead of them – that is, that they will be taken to account and recompensed for their deeds, and that they will be brought forth from the graves and raised up – in order that they might prepare themselves for it and not get carried away with this worldly life. All of this is so that they would be mindful of their hereafter and prepare for what lies ahead of them in that enduring life ahead, and so that they will not be distracted and busied by this current passing life. Continue reading

Zakah al-Fitr in the Qur’an: Tafsir al-Baghawi

In the midst of surah al-‘Aalaa, Allah informs us:

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَن تَزَكَّىٰ * وَذَكَرَ اسْمَ رَبِّهِ فَصَلَّىٰ

He has certainly succeeded – he who tazakkaa * and mentions the name of his Lord and prays [87:14-15]

The word tazakkaa refers to purification, either purification of one’s self (such as in the related term tazkiyyah al-nafs) or purification of one’s wealth (such as in the related term zakah). In his commentary on these ayaat, the famous mufassir Abu Muhammad al-Husayn al-Baghawi wrote:

ـ ( قد أفلح من تزكى ) تطهر من الشرك وقال : لا إله إلا الله . هذا قول عطاء وعكرمة ، ورواية الوالبي وسعيد بن جبير عن ابن عباس وقال الحسن : من كان عمله زاكيا . ـ

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَن تَزَكَّىٰ

He has certainly succeeded – he who tazakkaa

who purifies himself from al-shirk and says laa ilaaha illallaah – there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. This was the explanation of ‘Ataa’ and ‘Ikrimah, as well as being relayed from ibn ‘Abbaas by way of al-Waalibi and Sa’eed ibn Jubayr.

al-Hasan al-Basri explained it by saying, “Whoever’s actions are pure.”

وقال آخرون : هو صدقة الفطر ، روي عن أبي سعيد الخدري في قوله : ” قد أفلح من تزكى ” قال : أعطى صدقة الفطر . ـ

Meanwhile others say that this is referring to the zakah al-fitr. It is relayed from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri regarding this ayah that he explained it by saying, “[He has certainly succeeded – he who] gives the zakah al-fitr.” Continue reading