‘Ibad al-Rahman Series Guide

At the end of surah al-Furqan [25:63-76], Allah lists a number of exemplary qualities of His believing slaves and the rewards for those who fit this description. Sheikh ‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Badr, one of the contemporary scholars of al-Madinah, wrote a small booklet entitled Sifat ‘Ibad al-Rahman – “Qualities of the Slaves of the Most Merciful” – on these ayaat and we have translated that booklet into the following series of posts. This booklet is characterized by its clear explanations and practical focus on personal development. The sections of this series are as follows:

Trait #1: Composure and Dignity
Trait #2: Steadfast Observance of Prayer
Trait #3: Fear of the Hellfire
Trait #4: Moderation in Spending
Trait #5: Avoiding Major Sins
Trait #6: Avoiding Bad Company
Trait #7: Reverence of Allah’s Speech
Trait #8: Attention to Supplication

Alhamdulillaah, this series has also been published in a book form in March 2019 which is intended for distribution in a number of English-speaking countries as well as Kuwait where it was printed and Madinah where it was presented to Sheikh ‘Abd al-Razzaq, who we were told was very pleased to see that it had been translated.

For those who are interested in obtaining print copies, they can contact this number via WhatsApp: +1-314-828-8060. Please include your address and the number of copies you would like in the message. There is a maximum limit of 30 copies per request except in certain circumstances. Books are available for about $1 per copy plus shipping and handling.

We ask Allah to make this effort a source of benefit for the original author, the translator, all involved in its publishing and all those who come across it.

Khalil Klopfenstein (Translator and Administrator)

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