Memorizing from the Beginning or the End of the Mushaf?: Muhammad Bazmool

Sheikh Muhammad Bazmool, a professor at Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, posed and answered the following question:

سؤال : أريد ابدأ في حفظ القرآن، فهل أبدأ من البقرة أو من الناس؟ ـ

Question: I would like to start memorizing the Qur’an; should I begin from surah al-Baqarah [02] or from surah al-Nas [114]?

الجواب : لم أقف في ذلك على شيء، فالأيسر لك في الحفظ اصنعه. وإذا كان تريد اختياري فاختار أن تبدأ بالمفصل من سورة ق، أو الحجرات إلى الناس، وهو المفصل الذي فضل به رسولنا ، وهو المحكم، وفيه جميع معاني القرآن العظيم، وأغلبه في أمور العقيدة. ـ

Response: I haven’t come across anything definitive on this topic, so whatever is easier for you for memorize, do that. However, if you would like my opinion, then I would choose to begin with the Mufassal surahs, those from surah Qaf [50] or surah al-Hujurat [49] until surah al-Nas [114]. These are the Mufassal that our Prophet was blessed and favored with, and they are muhkam [containing very few instances of abrogation]. All of the messages of the Qur’an can be found within them, and most of them deal with issues of belief.

أخرج أحمد في المسند (28/ 188، تحت رقم 16982)، وحسنه محققو المسند عن واثلة بن الأسقع، أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: “أعطيت مكان التوراة السبع. وأعطيت مكان الزبور المئين. وأعطيت مكان الإنجيل المثاني. وفضلت بالمفصل ” وبالله التوفيق. ـ

Ahmad reported the following narration in al-Musnad (28/188, narration #16982), and the authenticator of al-Musnad graded it as hasan. Wathilah ibn al-Asqa’ narrated that the Prophet said:

I was given the Seven Long surahs in place of the Tawrah.

And I was given the Mi’oon surahs [surahs of roughly 100 ayaat] in place of the Zaboor.

And I was given the Mathani surahs [surahs less than 100 ayaat but longer than the Mufassal] in place of the Injeel.

And I was blessed and favored with the Mufassal surahs.

And success is from Allah.

[As found here on the sheikh’s Facebook page on November 14, 2020]

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