The Foundations of Usool al-Tafsir: Sheikh ‘Abdullah al-‘Awaaji

I posed the following question to Sheikh ‘Abdullah al-‘Awaaji, a professor of Tafsir at the Islamic University of al-Madinah, via the Qur’anic Consultations account on Twitter:

س ـ السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته . في بريد السابق على هذه قناة قلت : أصول موضوعات علم أصول التفسير : ١) مصادر التفسير ٢) اختلاف المفسيرين (واسبابه وانواعه ووجوهه) واجماعهم ٣) قواعد التفسير . أرجو تفصيل ذلك من فضلك

Question: al-Salaam ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh

In a previous post on this channel, you said:

The foundational topics of the field of Usool al-Tafsir are

      1. The Sources of Tafsir
      2. The Differences of Opinion Among the Mufassiroon (the reasons for this, its types and its ways) and Their Points of Consensus
      3. The Principles of Tafsir

I would like more details on this, please.

ج ـ أصول موضوعات علم أصول التفسير: 1-مصادر التفسير: ١) القرآن. ٢) السنة. ٣) أقوال الصحابة. ٤) أقوال التابعين. ٥) اللغة العربية.٦) الرأي والاجتهاد؛ومنهم من يُدْخِلُ اللغة فيه. ٧)ومنهم من يعد الإِسرائيليَّات مصدراً مستقلا من مصادر التفسير، والصحيح أنها لا تُعَدَّ . ـ

Response: The foundational topics of the field of Usool al-Tafsir are:

1) The Sources of Tafsir

  1. The Qur’an
  2. The Sunnah
  3. The statements of the Sahabah
  4. The statements of the Tabi’oon
  5. The Arabic language
  6. Scholarly opinions and judgements, and some place the Arabic language into this category
  7. And there are some who count the Israa’eeliyyaat reports as its own category of the sources of Tafsir, however the correct position is that it should not be counted as such.

ـ2-اختلاف المفسرين: وفيه مباحث مهمة في ١-أسباب اختلاف المفسرين الراجعة للنص او المفسر. ٢-وأنواعه وهما:اختلاف التنوع ووجوهه وهو من أهم مباحث أصول التفسـير وأنفعها ٣-وإجماعهم .وفيه أنواع الإجماع. ـ

2) The Differing of the Mufassiroon

This area includes several important areas of study, including

  1. The reasons why the mufassiroon differ, either going back to something about the text or something about the mufassir
  2. The types of differing, which are
    1. variations on a theme and the different ways this occurs – which is one of the most important and beneficial areas of study within Usool al-Tafsir
    2. [differences at odds which one another]
  3. Their points of consensus, and there are multiple types of consensus that fall under this

ـ3-قواعد التفسير.(العامة والترجيحية) والظاهر لي أنه لافرق بينهما . وهي أهم مباحثه مطلقًا ـ

3) The Principles of Tafsir

These can be divided into overarching principles and general principles, but it seems to me that there is no difference between the two.

This area is unequivocally the most important area of study within this field.

[See here, here, and here]

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