What is Meant by “The Themes of the Qur’an”: Sheikh Muhammad Bazmool

Sheikh Muhammad Bazmool, a professor at Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, wrote the following brief discussion related to the topic of maqasid al-Qur’an or “themes of the Qur’an”:

مقاصد القرآن يراد بها

What is Meant by “The Themes of the Qur’an”

تارة المقاصد الكلية للقرآن، وهي ترجع إلى ثلاثة محاور وهي الآتية: = تقرير معرفة الله بتوحيد الربوبية والألوهية والأسماء والصفات. = تقرير الأوامر والنوهي والأحكام الشرعية. = بيان حال الناس من دعوة الأنبياء في الأمم السابقة وأمة نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم. ويشير إلى هذا حديث : “قل هو الله أحد تعدل ثلث القرآن”. وبعض أهل العلم يذكر عشرة مقاصد عامة كما صنع ابن القيم، وبعضهم خمسة كما صنع ولي الله الدهلوي وبعضهم ثمانية كما صنع ابن عاشور، رحم الله الجميع، وكلها ترجع إلى هذه المحاور. ـ

Sometimes people use this term to refer to the overarching themes of the entire Qur’an, which go back to pivotal topics, which are:

Instilling knowledge of Allah through knowing His exclusive Lordship, His exclusive right to be worshiped, and His Names and Attributes

Setting forth the commands, prohibitions and legal rulings

Clearly communicating the people’s stances towards the call of the prophets of the previous nations and in Muhammad’s nation.

This is indicated by the hadeeth:

“Say: He is Allah, One” is equal to one third of the Qur’an.

And some of the scholars such as ibn al-Qayyim mention 10 overarching themes, while others such as Waliullah al-Dehlawi mention 5, and still others such as ibn ‘Aashoor mention 8 – may Allah have mercy on all of them. And all of these go back to these three topics.

وتارة يراد بمقاصد القرآن موضوعات السورة المعينة من القرآن الكريم. ـ

Other times, the term “themes of the Qur’an” is used to refer to the different segments of a specific surah from the Qur’an.

 وتارة يراد بمقاصد القرآن ما تهدف إليه السورة وهو الذي يسمى بالوحدة الموضوعية للسورة. ـ

In other instances, the phrase “themes of the Qur’an” is used to mean the goal that the surah is aiming for, and this is what is called “the central topic of the surah.”

وبعضهم يطلق مقاصد القرآن ويريد ما تهدف إليه الآية . وكل دراسة المقاصد القرآنية هي روافد المناسبات القرآنية. ـ

And some people apply the term “themes of the Qur’an” to refer to the goal that an individual ayah is aiming for. And studying the Qur’anic themes is a branch of studying the munasabat – links between ayaat and surahs.

ومن المفيد لمن يتدبر معاني القرآن أن يسأل نفسه عند كل آية عن المقصود من إيرادها ؟ وما الموضوع الذي تتعلق به؟؟ وما تعلقها بما بعدها وبما قبلها؟ فإن وراء ذلك علم جليل , وفق الله الجميع لما يحبه ويرضاه. ـ

Among the things which will help someone contemplate the meanings of the Qur’an is at every ayah to ask himself:

  • “what is the goal of mentioning this?”
  • “what topic does this connect to?”
  • “how does this connect to what comes next and what came before?”

for there is tremendous knowledge to be had in doing so. May Allah enable us all to do what He loves and is pleased with.

[As found on the sheikh’s Facebook page here on 12/8/2020]

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