Reciting Surah al-Mulk: Sheikh bin Baaz

The following question was posed to sheikh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz bin Baaz:

السؤال: هل أقرأ سورة تبارك قبل النوم كل ليلة، وهل ينجي الله بها من فعل ذلك من عذاب القبر؟ ـ

Question: Should I recite surah Tabaarak [i.e. surah al-Mulk] every night before sleeping? And is is true that through such an action Allah saves whoever does that from the punishment of the grave?

الجواب: سورة تبارك لها شأن عظيم، وإذا قرأها فقد جاء فيها حديث يدل على فضلها وأنها تشهد لصاحبها يوم القيامة، لكن إنما تنفعه قراءتها وقراءة القرآن إذا عمل بذلك، أما إذا قرأها ولم يعمل فلا تنفعه؛ لقوله ﷺ: القرآن حجة لك أو عليك حجة لك إن عملت به وحجة عليك إذا لم يعمل به، فإذا قرأ القرآن أو قرأ سورة الكهف أو تبارك وهو مضيع لأمر الله ومرتكب لمعاصي الله فهو على خطر عظيم، فلا يكون القرآن حجة له بل يكون حجة عليه فيما أضاع. ـ

Response:Surah Tabaarak has tremendous merit, as does reciting it. There is a hadith which shows its virtue, which is that, on the Day of Recompense, it will bear witness for the one who recited it.

However, reciting surah Tabaarak or reciting the Qur’an will only be of benefit if one acts according to it. As for the one who recites it but does not act accordingly, then it will not be of benefit to him.

That is because of the Prophet’s statement, “The Qur’an is either a proof for you or against you.” It will be a proof for you if you act in accordance with it, and proof against you if you do not act in accordance with it.

So if someone recites the Qur’an or recites surah al-Kahf or surah Tabaarak but then ignores Allah’s commands and commits acts of disobedience to Allah, then he will be in very serious trouble. For the Qur’an will not be a proof in his favor. Rather, it will be a proof against him in terms of what he neglected.

فالواجب على المؤمن أن يجتهد في طاعة الله ورسوله، مع فعل الأسباب مع فعل ما شرعه الله من قراءة القرآن، مع المسارعة إلى الخيرات والنوافل، لكنه يجتهد في أداء الواجب وترك المعصية حتى يسلم من غضب الله. نعم. ـ

It is binding upon the believer to exert himself in obedience to Allah and His Messenger, while taking the means and reciting what Allah has legislated in terms of reciting the Qur’an, and while hastening towards good deeds and voluntary acts. However, he should exert himself in fulfilling the obligations and abandoning sins in order that he may be safe from Allah’s wrath.

[Taken from the sheikh‘s website, here]

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