More Advice for Memorizing the Qur’an: Sheikh ibn ‘Uthaymeen

What follows is some advice from sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen in response to a general question about how to memorize the Qur’an:

وأما حفظ القرآن فطريقة حفظه تختلف من شخص لآخر، بعض الناس يحفظ القرآن آية آية بمعنى أنه يحفظ آية يقرأها أولا ثم يرددها ثانيا وثالثًا حتى يحفظها ثم يحفظ التي بعدها ثم يكمل ثمن أو ربع الجزء أو ما أشبه ذلك، وبعض الناس يقرأ إلى الثمن جميعا ويردده حتى يحفظه ومثل هذا لا يمكن أن نحكم عليه بقاعدة عامة فنقول للإنسان: استعمل ما تراه مناسبا لك في حفظ القرآن.ـ

As for memorizing the Qur’an, the path to memorizing it differs from one person to another.

Some people memorize the Qur’an one ayah at a time, meaning that they memorize an ayah by reciting it once then repeating it a second and a third time until they have memorized it and then they memorize what comes after it and so they complete an eighth or a fourth of a juz’ or something similar to that.

But other people read as much as an entire eighth and then repeat that until they have memorized it.

It is not possible for us to give a ruling of one single general principle on something like this, so we say to the people: do what you find to work for you when it comes to memorizing the Qur’an.

لكن المهم أن يكون عندك علم لما حفظت متى أردت الرجوع إليه، وأحسن ما رأيت في العلم أن الإنسان إذا حفظ شيئًا اليوم يقرأه مبكرا الصباح التالي، فإن هذا يعين كثيرا على حفظ ما حفظه في اليوم الأول، هذا شيء فعلته أنا فإن هذا يعين على الحفظ الجيد.ـ

That being said, the important thing is for you to still have knowledge of what you memorized when you intended to review it, and the best thing which I have seen in terms of (retaining) knowledge is that a person, when he memorizes something one day, would then recite it early the following morning, for indeed this assists a great deal in retaining what he memorized on the first day. This is something which I personally do, for it assists a great deal in memorization.

[Kitaab al-‘Ilm pg. 95]

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