Preparing for Ramadan in Sha’baan: ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

al-Haafidh ibn Rajab al-Hanbali concluded his discussion of fasting during the month of Sha’baan (the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, immediately preceding Ramadan) with the following notes:

وقد قيل: في صوم شعبان معنى آخر: أن صيامه كالتمرين على صيام رمضان لئلا يدخل في صوم رمضان على مشقة وكلفة بل قد تمرن على. الصيام واعتاده ووجد بصيام شعبان قبله حلاوة الصيام ولذته فيدخل في صيام رمضان بقوة ونشاط. ـ

Some have said that one of the effects of fasting during Sha’baan is that it acts like a training for the fast of Ramadan, in order that one can enter into Ramadan in good shape, being prepared for it and accustomed to fasting. And through fasting during Sha’baan, one will find and savor the sweetness of the fast, and so he will enter into Ramadan with vigor and determination.

ولما كان شعبان كالمقدمة لرمضان شرع فيه ما يشرع في رمضان من الصيام وقراءة القرآن ليحصل التأهب لتلقي رمضان وترتاض النفوس بذلك على طاعة الرحمن ـ

Sha’baan is like a precursor to Ramadan. The things which are legislated in Ramadan – such as fasting and reciting the Qur’an – are also legislated in Sha’baan so that one can be prepared to meet Ramadan and accustom himself to obeying al-Rahman.

روينا بإسناد ضعيف عن أنس قال: كان المسلمون إذا دخل شعبان أكبوا على المصاحف فقرؤها وأخرجوا زكاة أموالهم تقوية للضعيف والمسكين على صيام رمضان وقال سلمة بن كهيل: كان يقال شهر شعبان شهر القراء وكان حبيب بن أبي ثابت إذا دخل شعبان قال: هذا شهر القراء وكان عمرو بن قيس الملائي إذا دخل شعبان أغلق حانوته وتفرغ لقراءة القرآن قال الحسن بن سهل: قال شعبان: يا رب جعلتني بين شهرين عظيمين فما لي؟ قال: جعلت فيك قراءة القرآن يا من فرط في الأوقات الشريفة وضيعها وأودعها الأعمال السيئة وبئس ما استودعها. ـ

We have recorded a narration from Anas [ibn Maalik] with a weak chain of narration that he said, “When Sha’baan would come, the Muslims used to devote themselves to the Mushafs and recite from them, and they used to pay the zakah of their wealth in order to bolster the weak and poor people for the fast of Ramadan.

Salamah ibn Kuhail said, “it is said that the month of Sha’baan is the month of the reciters of the Qur’an.”

Whenever Sha’baan would begin, Habeeb ibn Abi Thaabit used to say, “this is the month of the reciters.”

‘Amr ibn Qais al-Malaa’ee used to close his shop when Sha’baan began and fill his time with recitation of the Qur’an.

al-Hasan ibn Sahl said: Sha’baan said, “O Lord, You have placed me between two great months, but what is there for me?” He replied, “I have placed the recitation of the Qur’an in you.”

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