Two Types of Determination: Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali commented in one of his monographic works:

والعزم نوعان: ـ

Determination [al-‘azm] is of two types:

أحدهما : عزم المريد على الدخول في الطريق : وهو من البدايات . ـ

The first of them is the determination of the follower to enter upon the path, and this is in regards to the beginnings.

والثاني : العزم على الاستمرار على الطاعات بعد الدخول فيها ، وعلى الانتقال من حال كامل إلى حال أكمل منه ، وهو من النهايات . ـ

And the second is the determination to continue upon acts of obedience after entering into that and to move from an excellent condition to an even more excellent condition than that one. And this is in regards to the conclusions.

ولهذا سمى الله خواص الرسل أولو العزم ـ وهم خمسة ـ وهم أفضل الرسل . ـ

And for this reason Allah named the leading Messengers the “Possessors of Determination” [al-Uloo al-‘Azm] – and there are five of them – and they are the best of the Messengers*.

فالعزم الاول يحصل للعبد به للدخول في كل خير ، والتباعد من كل شر ؛ إذ به يحصل للكافر الخروج من الكفر والدخول في الإسلام ، وبه يحصل للعاصي الخروج من المعصية والدخول في الطاعة ، فإذا كنت العزيمة صادقة ، وصمم عليه صاحبها ، وحمل على هوى نفسه وعلى الشيطان حملة صادقة ، ودخل فيما أمر به من الطاعات فقد فاز . ـ

So the first type of determination allows the slave to thereby attain every good and to distance himself from every evil. And in the case of the disbeliever, then he thereby attains exodus from disbelief and entrance into Islam. And the disobedient one thereby attains leaving from disobedience and entering unto obedience. So if it is true determination and its possessor persists upon it and launches a true offensive against his own desires and against the shaytaan, and he enters into what he has been commanded with of the acts of obedience, then he has achieved success.

[Majmoo’ al-Rasaa’il li-Ibn Rajab 1/344]

*Translator’s Note: Concerning the definition of the Uloo al-‘Azm, Imam al-Shinqitee briefly wrote:

اختلف العلماء في المراد بأولي العزم من الرسل في هذه الآية الكريمة اختلافا كثيرا . وأشهر الأقوال في ذلك أنهم خمسة ، وهم الذين قدمنا ذكرهم في ” الأحزاب ” و ” الشورى ” ، وهم نوح وإبراهيم وموسى وعيسى ومحمد – عليهم الصلاة والسلام – . ـ

The scholars have differed greatly regarding the intended meaning of Uloo al-‘Azm among the messengers in this noble ayah [46:35]. And the most well-known position in that regard is that they are five, and they are those who were previously mentioned in surah al-Ahzab [33:7] and surah al-Shooraa [42:13], and they are Nuh, Ibrahim, Moosaa, ‘Eesaa and Muhammad (‘alaihim al-salaatu wa’l-salaam).

[Adhwaa’ al-Bayaan 7/242. Read the entire discussion here]

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