“The month of ‪‎Rajab‬ is the key to the months of goodness and blessings”: Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Ibn Rajab, in his work Lataa’if al-Ma’aarif which details the virtuous deeds, innovated acts, and recommended practices of the various months of the Islamic calender, mentioned the following points of benefit in the conclusion of his chapter on the month of Rajab:

وروى زائدة بن أبي الرقاد ، عن زياد النميري ، عن أنس ، قال : كان رسول الله ﷺ إذا دخل رجب قال : اللهم بارك لنا في رجب وشعبان وبلِّغنا رمضان

Zaa’idah ibn Abi al-Ruqaad narrated from Ziyaad al-Nameeri, from Anas who said: When Rajab would come, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) would say, “O Allah! Bless us in Rajab and Sha’baan and allow us to reach Ramadan!”*

وروى عن أبي إسماعيل الأنصاري أنه قال : لم يصحّ في فضل رجب غير هذا الحديث . وفي قوله نظرٌ؛ فإنّ هذا الإسناد فيه ضعفٌ. وفي هذا الحديث دليلٌ على استحباب الدعاء بالبقاء إلى الأزمان الفاضلة ؛ لإدراك الأعمال الصالحة فيها ؛ فإنّ المؤمن لا يزيده عمره إلّا خيراً ، وخيرُ الناس من طال عمره وحَسُنَ عمله. وكان السلف يستحبون أن يموتوا عَقِبَ عملٍ صالحٍ ؛ من صوم رمضان ، ورجوع من الحجّ ، وكان يقال : من مات كذلك غُفِرَله

And it is narrated from Abu Ismaa’eel al-Ansaari that he said, “There is nothing authentic regarding the merit of Rajab other than this hadeeth.” However there are different views on his statement, for this isnad contains some weakness.

This hadeeth contains an evidence for the desirability to supplicate for the extension of one’s life until virtuous times, in order to attain righteous good deeds therein. For verily the believer does not have his lifespan increased except that it is good for him, and the best of people are those whose lives are long and who beautify their actions (i.e. with obedience). And the salaf used to prefer that they would die shortly after a righteous deed, such as the fast of Ramadan, or returning from the Hajj, and they used to say, “Whoever dies like that will be forgiven.”

كان بعض العلماء الصالحين قد مرض قبل شهر رجب ، فقال : إني دعوت الله أن يؤخر وفاتي إلى شهر رجب ، فإنه بلغني أن الله فيه عتقاء ؛ فبلغه الله ذلك ومات في شهر رجب

One of the righteous scholars fell sick prior to the month of Rajab, so he said, “I supplicated to Allah that He would delay my death until the month of Rajab,” because it had been conveyed to him that Allah redeems therein, so Allah granted him that and he passed away during the month of Rajab.

شهر رجب مفتاح أشهر الخير والبركات ؛ قال أبو بكر الورّاق البلخي : شهر رجب شهر الزرع ، وشهر شعبان السقي للزرع ، وشهر رمضان شهر حصاد الزرع. وعنه قال : مثل شهر رجب مثل الريح ، ومثل شهر شعبان مثل الغيم ، ومثل شهر رمضان مثل المطر. وقال بعضهم : السنة مثل الشجرة ؛ وشهر رجب أيام توريقها ، وشعبان أيام تفريعها ، ورمضان أيام قطفها ، والمؤمنون قطافها . جدير بمن سوَّد صحيفته بالذنوب أن يبيضها بالتوبة في هذا الشهر ، وبمن ضيّع عمره في الباطلة أن يغتنم فيه ما بقي من العمر .

The month of ‪‎Rajab‬ is the key to the months of goodness and blessings.

Abu Bakr bin al-Warraaq al-Balkhi said, “Rajab is the month to sow the seeds; Sha’baan is the month to irrigate the crops; and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest.”

It has also been transmitted from him, “Rajab is like the wind; Sha’baan is like the water-laden clouds; and Ramadan is like the rain.”

Others have said, “The year in its entirety is like a tree: during Rajab its buds sprout; during Sha’baan it sends forth its branches; during Ramadan its fruit ripens; and the believers are the farmhands who harvest that fruit.”

It is opportune for whoever has darkened the scroll of their deeds with sins to cleanse it with repentance during this month. And anyone who has squandered his lifetime in vain should take advantage of the abundant and available treasures in this month of what remains of his lifespan.

بَيِّض صَحِيفَتَــكَ السَّـودَاءَ في رَجَبٍ ***** بصالحِ العَمَلِ المُنْجِي من اللَّهبِ
شَهْــرٌ حَـرَامٌ أتَـى مِنْ أَشْهُــرٍ حُــرُمٍ ***** إذا دَعَــا الله داعٍ فـيـهِ لَــمْ يَـخِبِ
طُــوبَـى لِعَبْــدٍ زَكَى فيــهِ لَــهُ عَمَــلٌ ***** فكَفَّ فيـهِ عَن الفَـحْشَاءِ والرِّيَبِ

Cleanse your black scroll in Rajab
with righteous good deeds, saving from the fire.

A sacred month of the sacred months
in which the one who supplicates to Allah is not disappointed.

Glad tidings for the slave who has purified his deeds therein,
for they will suffice him against immorality and doubts.

انتهاز الفرصة بالعمل في هذا الشهر غنيمة ، واغتنام أوقاته بالطاعات له فضيلة عظيمة.

Seize the opportunity to perform good deeds in this month of abundant and available treasure (ghaneemah), and capitalize on its time with acts of obedience to Allah which are of great virtue.

يــا عَبدُ أقبِــلْ مُنِيبــاً واغْتَنِمْ رَجَبــاً ***** فإنَّ عَفْـوِيَ عَمَّنْ تَـابَ قَدْ وَجَبـاً
في هـذِهِ الأشهُرِ الأبـوابُ قَدْ فُتِحَتْ ***** لـلتَّـائِبِـينَ فَكُـلٌّ نَـحْـوَنـا هَــرَبَــا
حَطُّوا الـرَّكائِبَ في أبـوابِ رَحْمَتِنا ***** بِحُسْــنِ ظَنٍّ فَكُـلٌّ نَـالَ مـا طَلَبَـا
وقَـدْ نَثَــرْنــا عليهم مِـنْ تَعــطُّفِـنــا ***** نِثـارَ حُسنِ قَبـولٍ فَــازَ مَنْ نَهَبَـا

O Slave! Turn, repentant, and seize on Rajab!
For verily pardon to those who repent is incumbent.

In this sacred month the gates have opened
to the repentant; for all who turns towards Our direction!

So dismount your stead at the gate of Our Mercy
with good expectations, for all will achieve what they seek.

And We have sprinkled upon them Our kind compassion,
a sprinkling of excellent acceptance. He has succeeded who seizes the opportunity!

[Lataa’if al-Ma’aarif p. 233-234]

*Translator’s note: This hadeeth has been reported by al-Tabarani in al-Awsat (#3939), Abu Nu’aym in al-Hilyah (6/269), al-Bayhaqi in Sha’b al-Eemaan (#3815) and elsewhere. It has been graded as da’eef (inauthentic) by a number of scholars, including al-Dhahabi, Ibn Hajr, Ibn Rajab, al-Haythami, Ibn ‘Adiy, Ibn Hibaan, al-Albani, and others. This weakness is due to the presence of Zaa’idah ibn Abi al-Warqaad in the isnaad, whom al-Bukhari and others described as munkar al-hadeeth (i.e. his narrations are not accepted).

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