If Adam was expelled from Jannah for a single sin, then what about you?

Abu’l-Faraj Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, the famous muhaddith, haafidh and Faqeeh, wrote the following moving words in his book Lataa’if al-Ma’aarif concerning the great seriousness of one’s sins. He wrote:

قال بعض السلف : آدم أُخرج من الجنة بذنب واحدٍ, وأنتم تعملون الذنوب وتُكثرون منها, وتُريدون أن تدخلوا بها الجنة

Some of the salaf said, “Adam was expelled from Jannah for a single sin, and you perform many sins and outstrip that in number, and (yet) you want to be entered into Jannah with that?!”

تصـل الذنـوب إلى الذنــوب وترتجي     درج الجـنـــان بـهــا وفوز العــــابــد
ونــــســـيـــت أنّ الله أخــــرج آدمــاً      منهـــا إلــى الــدنيــا بـــذنـب واحــدِ

Moving from sin to sin and still you hope
for a rank in Paradise and the success like that of a devoted worshiper.

But you forgot that Allah expelled Adam
from there to the dunya for a single sin.

بــفــرد خــطيئــةٍ وبــفــرد ذنــب     من الجنـــات أُخـــرجت البــرايـا
فقـل لي كيف تــرجــو في ذخـول     إليهـــا بــالألــوف من الخــطايــا

With a single sin and with a single mistake
the creature was expelled from Paradise.

So tell me how can you hope for entrance to it,
while you have thousands of sins?

[Lataa’if al-Ma’aarif pg 118]

For those are able to read the Arabic language, this translator would strongly advise you to download this great work from Ibn Rajab in it’s entirety. Specifically, the entire section of Ibn Rajab’s discussion of Adam (‘alaihis salaam) runs from pages 113 to 123, and is full of great benefit. The free PDF is available for download here.

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