Sitting with the Sahaabah and Taabi’een

It was once said to ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubaarak:

إذا صليت معنا لم تجلس معنا قال أذهب أجلس مع الصحابة و التابعين قلنا له ومن أين الصحابة والتابعون قال أذهب أنظر في علمي فأدرك آثارهم وأعمالهم ما أصنع معكم أنتم تغتابون الناس

“After you have prayed with us, you don’t sit with us?” He replied, “I go and sit with the Sahaabah and the taabi’een” We said to him, “And where are the sahaabah and the taabi’een (since they have all passed away)?” He replied, “I go and look in the knowledge I have collected, so I find their narrations and deeds. And what would I do with you? You sit around backbiting people!”

[Sifah al-Safwah 4/137]


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